Daily Lessons

Homeschooled by Kids

Hello! I am a mother of 2 little boys who just turned 1 and 3. I am planning on homeschooling them. By planning, I mean I tell everyone that asks about it that we are homeschooling. I have done only a little research and have no curriculum. The whole process sounds really scary!

Granted, the boys are a wee bit young for official schooling but I will tell you why I am writing now.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the idea of unschooling, and in a nutshell it is as simple as “the kids will learn by playing and following their interests.” I love this idea!

This is evident in the way they learn to walk, talk, make new friends, and more! Without official school my three year old is already comfortable with ABCs, numbers 1-10, shapes and colors. He surprises me almost everyday with something new.

For example, today we were practicing learning Daddy’s phone number by singing it to a song, and he was having fun with it and seemed to remember it… at least for a short while. We will definitely have to follow up and practice more.

More importantly, while the kids are learning dump trucks full of information, I am too! Just the other day I learned that wind is caused by cold air swooping in to fill the space where hot air rose from. And I want to know more, just like my kids!

I have a masters degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas, but I don’t know where to begin teaching my kids, and I don’t remember most of the stuff I learned in school. I’m looking forward to this journey because they will guide me on it and teach me so many things along the way.

I will use this space as a record of our homeschooling, to help keep me motivated and confident by encouraging me to think about the things we talk and learn about in our day to day journeys.


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