The Current Normal and Summer Goals

Before we get started listing the things that I and the kids learned today, I thought we should describe the kinds of activities we normally do and perhaps even think about some goals. 

Schedule : Our schedule is very flexible as we are only taking one out of the home class right now. The class is Music Together. For those of you who have not heard of it, it is a music class in which the caregiver participates with the singing, dancing, and playing of instruments. Children are free to participate on their own comfort level. Both of my kiddos seem to really enjoy it.

We took the first class in October of 2016 and since then the toddler has been singing, and humming, and even sometimes making up his own words to the songs. The baby loves being danced with and will sign for more when we sing.

That class is 45 minutes a week. The rest of the time is open for play dates, library story times, and visiting our local museums. We have a membership to the aquarium, zoo, flight museum and science center. Although, lately, the toddler has been preferring to stay home.

Staying Home: It took me a while to realize, but staying home is actually very nice. When I first had the second baby I would try to get out everyday because I was worried I couldn’t entertain the toddler and take care of the baby, too. I realize now, that home is where he can learn to entertain himself, or better yet, he can entertain me. And it puts to good use all those toys we bought with Daddy’s hard earned money.

Staying home also allows the baby to get better naps.

I am super lucky that my toddler still takes a long nap most days. I never want it to stop.

Decision Making: So those are some of the activities we like to do. I usually ask my toddler what he wants to do, because I want him to be a good decision maker, follow his interests, and overall not scream and cry at me. It will be interesting making that work when the baby starts making his own suggestions.

Goals: My kids are not very outdoorsy. You can blame me, it would be fair. I do wish that they will spend more time outdoors as soon as it stops raining all the time. I want to take them to the beach, to the different playgrounds, and I want them to use our back yard for their games. I would like the 3 year old to learn to ride his tricycle, and I want the baby to learn how to walk (he’s almost there anyway!).

But my goals may not line up with my children’s goals, and I need to respect their wishes.



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