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Good and Bad Habits

There are some things I try to hide from my kids, and there are other things I do specifically because I know they are watching. 

The Good Habits

I know I should have been doing these things before I had kids, but I was a lot less motivated.

  1. Brushing my teeth twice a day – I brush my teeth with them in the evenings when they get ready for bed. It seems to help motivate them to do it, too. Also, Mr. 3 is obsessed with flossing lately.
  2. Exercising – I don’t usually work out around them because the kids make it very difficult. However, it does come up in conversation sometimes (“Mommy, where are your socks?” “I got hot after I went running, so I took them off.” “I’ll go get you more socks!!!”), and they see the treadmill and pull up bar every time we go downstairs to put on shoes. My husband is better about doing quick little work outs, and will even use them as weights. They love this and it teaches them that it is important to take care of our bodies. 
  3. I wash my hands more frequently. We recently instituted a new hand washing rule: Wash your hands after you go potty, and before you eat. We had been getting colds a lot more frequently and I hope this will help. It’s also something we should have been doing anyways but it can be difficult to encourage the toddler to participate. There have been 2 nights that he said he “wasn’t hungry” because he didn’t want to wash his hands, but overall he has followed through. And so have I.
  4. I’m a lot neater when the kids are around. I rinse my plate, I clean up toys everywhere I sit down, and I don’t leave things laying around. They have not picked up on this neat habit yet, but seeing it now prepares them for doing it later.

The Bad Habits

These are the things that we try to hide from the kids. I know that one day the kids will know the truth.

  1. I eat TOO MUCH dessert. I don’t know where Mr. 3 thinks the two dozen muffins we baked last weekend went, but my husband and I have eaten most of them. I only gave one to each of the kids. Normally, we eat dessert 3-4 times a week after bedtime.
  2. We watch too much TV. I would actually be okay with watching less, but my husband wants to watch TV every night. I try to read my books but his shows are usually distracting and I end up watching anyways. We probably watch nearly 2 hours every night. Mr 3. is limited to thirty minutes of some weird Elmo show that came with the Kindle FreeTime application. I always hope he will forget it’s there, I am really not comfortable with the idea of him watching TV yet. Also my husband will watch sports during the day where the kids can see, so I feel like they already have too much screen time.
  3. I spend too much time on my phone, when I should be engaging with the kids. I always check my email, or Facebook, or instagram, and now wordpress. My husband and I play Aworded and Trivia Crack. This is terrible, but sometimes I get bored with the games the kids are playing, (yes, you opened the egg, now it’s closed. What, the egg is OPEN again?! Wow!) and I find myself looking for distractions. But that is not a respectful or healthy thing to do.
  4. I lie. I try really hard not do this but sometimes it just slips out. “There are no more cookies (crunch crunch).” “We don’t have any batteries.” I do not want my  children lying to me, so I should try harder to be honest with them. I should tell them that the school bus noise is annoying and I do not want to put the batteries in there because it gives me a headache.

We strive to set good examples for our children but there are always things we still need to work on. Being aware of our habits is the first step in the right direction. What are some habits that you try to hide?



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