Happy Earth Day

Did you know that we drink and bathe in the same water that the dinosaurs drank and bathed in?

According to Usborne’s See Inside Weather and Climate all the worlds water has been around for billions of years.

Like the Usborne’s See Inside Your Body there are many interesting facts hidden underneath flaps that keep the readers invested and engaged. 

Mr. 3 enjoys this book and we refer to it over and over again as he asks me “Why is it raining?”,  “Why is it cold?” Or any variation there of.

Mr. 1 has a bad habit of destroying the flaps, so we try to keep it out of his reach. 

The fact that this planet has limited resources is one that is difficult to explain to a child who loves playing with running water, flipping the light switches over and over, leaving doors open when the heater is running, and more. 

We can only do our best to teach them good habits such as composting and recycling, gardening, and gently reminding them that we shouldn’t leave the water running. 

How did you celebrate earth day with your kids? 


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