We are 93 Million Miles Away

My 3 year old is very concerned with the weather lately. We have the book Weather and Climate an Usborne Flap Book at home, but I wanted to try another book just to compare and provide some variety. We checked out Little Kids First BIG book of Weather by Karen de Seve and National Geographic Kids. 

img_6040-2 VERSUSNat Geo Weather

Well I mentioned in a previous post that I enjoyed the Usborne book. I think I like the National Geographic book better. It has real pictures, engaging questions and even small games to drive home the content. My toddler seems to prefer the Usborne one. You simply can’t deny the appeal of flaps.

However, I was concerned by something I read.

In the Usborne book on page 2 it says “The Sun’s rays travel billions of miles to reach into the Earth’s Atmosphere”. In the Nat Geo book on page 19 it points out that the earth is 93 million miles away from the sun.


Well according to NASA the earth is 92,900,000 miles away from the Sun. I tried the search with the focus on light and I did find out it takes 499 seconds for the light to reach earth, and that this amount of time is referred to as 1 Astronomical Unit or AU. But the light does not appear to just bounce around endlessly in space and ergo should only take 93 million miles to get here.

That’s a lot less than a billion! And it makes me wonder what else might be inaccurate about the other book. On the bright side, I learned something interesting!


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