Daily Lessons

Every day learning – Grocery Store

Taking your kids to the grocery store can be stressful and exhausting. And yet, if you have the time and patience, I would strongly recommend it. There are countless lessons to be learned from tagging along on our daily errands and the grocery store is such a central place for a family.

Some of the obvious lessons the kids will be exposed to include:

  1. Where does our food come from?
  2. An awareness of the huge assortment of foods we can choose from.
  3. They can learn how to pick out fruit that is ripe, how to read the sell-by-dates on dairy and meats.
  4. They are exposed to many different people, some of whom are friendly enough to chat and share ideas with them.
  5. How to take care of ourselves, by making sure we choose healthy food options.
  6. How to follow shopping lists and sticking to budgets.
  7. Being patient while we wait in line to pay.
  8. They will learn that food costs money, and you can talk about where the money comes from and what else we can use it for.
  9. They will learn that there are a variety of jobs and people who do those jobs in the grocery store.

I am sure there are many more lessons that I can not think of right now.

My tips for the grocery store for shopping with little ones is mainly to either let them help by telling them what to grab from the shelf and put in the cart, or distract with a healthy snack. An apple will usually keep Mr. 3 busy for the whole trip. I buy an extra apple and tell the clerk to scan it twice. Sometimes we munch on the fresh french bread, or grapes.

The baby is usually happy in the baby carrier or shopping cart seat, and just likes to hold boxes and things.

Here Mr. 3 is putting some cereal back on the shelf. This teaches him how organization can make finding things easy, and also about taking responsibility for knocking things down.

Helping push the cart and waiting patiently in line. You can see the French bread sticking out… that also helps keep him busy.

What do you do to make grocery shopping easier?


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