Project: Baby Obstacle Course

My little one is 14 months old, today, and still not walking independently. This is fine, I understand everyone learns at their own pace. He shows a lot of interest in walking, and constantly wants to be assisted. We spend a lot of time with him walking in front of me while I hold his hands.

To keep the game more interesting and help him build the strength, coordination, and balance he needs to do it on his own, I built an obstacle course for him. This is so quick and easy to do; all you need is pillows, boxes, balls, or other similar household goods.

The little one went around 8 times before he needed a break and wanted to play with the balls. He really enjoyed climbing over the pillow mountains and he was breathing hard after all of his laps.

When the little one got tired, the dog and the 3 year old joined in. The dog seems to think that any pillow on the floor is for her.


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