DB Cooper

We spent this morning at the Museum of Flight south of Seattle. We have a membership and visit this museum often, and Mr. 3 says it is his favorite museum. It is very large and we never stay long enough to see it all. Today we walked briefly through the space center where they were having an R2D2 builders convention. Mr. 3 was unreasonably frightened of all the cute little R2D2s so we couldn’t stay and learn about them.


I am not a Star Wars fan. I don’t dislike it, but to me its just like any other franchise. Still, seeing these little robots in real life twirling around and beeping was REALLY cool. And I applaud all the smart people that can craft those creatures from scratch. Truly incredible.

Then we went to the museum’s Aviation Pavilion. Here we walked around (Mr. 1 was assisted but he insisted on walking most of it himself) and went inside the British Airway  Concorde which once flew across the Atlantic Ocean from London to New York in only 2.5 hours. We also went through one of the Dream Liners they have. Then the kids played in the play area for a while. IMG_6342

Generally the kids go too quickly to read any of the huge information placards that are spread around the exhibit, but I did get to read about an interesting man named DB Cooper while Mr. 1 was hugging the mannequins leg.

DB Cooper is an alias for a man who hijacked an airplane 1971 and escaped with $200,000 by parachuting out of the back of the plane. According to the museum placard he was never seen or heard from again.

In January of 2017, there was a Washington Post article stating that this is the only  skyjacking case never to be solved by the FBI, and that after 45 years they have decided to use their resources for more pressing cases.

I thought this was a really fascinating story!


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