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Why I drink Tea…

Why do I drink tea? I drink tea because I like it! I do not like the smell of coffee and I cannot stand the taste. Soda makes me gassy both ways. I better just stick to tea.

I look forward to my tea breaks throughout the day. I drink tea in the morning after breakfast, I drink tea in the afternoon for a boost, and I drink tea in the evenings just because I feel like it. Caffeine free in the evenings, otherwise my trouble sleeping gets worse. Drinking tea makes me feel more relaxed, it helps me gather myself back if the kids are making me feel frazzled. It gives me a few minutes to myself. I can close my eyes and hold the warm cup, enjoying the scent and warmth. Even if my kids are pulling on my legs trying to get my attention I still take a moment to enjoy myself.


It turns out that tea has a number of health benefits, too.

Numerous medical studies have found that tea contains compounds that exhibit anti-cancer properties. (Source)

The article goes on to explain that tea can also help lower your cholesterol, help maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent diabetes, and more.

Hold on, I need to make another cup.

Mr. 3 asked me this morning, “what’s in the tea”? At the time I was drinking breakfast tea. When I looked at the label it said “various organic black teas”. But what does that mean? Help me, google!

Fascinating fact… all four common (Green, White, Oolong, and Black) teas come from the SAME plant! Camellia Sinensis. This is a very sturdy plant that can grow in most climates, as long as it’s not too cold. The article from the quote above provides tips on growing it at home. I am tempted.

But first, more cool facts about tea!

  • Tea Bags were invented in 1908 by a tea seller named Thomas Sullivan. He was just handing out samples to customers who thought you put the bag directly in the tea. (SourceThank you Thomas, as I have never tried loose leaf tea. 
  • That same website (facts 25 and 29) states that loose tea is good for about two years, and that a strainer or infuser allow the leaves to expand more, providing better flavor. That’s a lot of motivation to try loose leaf tea.
  • The leaves from raspberry plants can be brewed to make a fruity herbal tea. (SourceI may have to try this, too. We recently planted raspberries and blueberries so we’ve got lots of leaves.
  • A beauty tip – Use black tea bags (Steep for 5 minutes, squeeze out and let cool) for 10 minutes on your eye lines to reduce puffiness.
  • Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world, after water. (Source)

Man, there are so many more cool tea facts out there, it’s hard just to choose a few!

My three-year old likes to “drink” fruit tea. He will just take a few sips and forget about it.

Do you drink tea?



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