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Being Helpful

My kids love being helpful. I know it can be frustrating when they start sweeping the ceiling, or that vacuuming takes 8 times as long. And yet, it is in our best interest to let them help! They are learning important lessons such as helping and caring for others, taking care of themselves and their belongings, teamwork, problem solving, fine and gross motor coordination, and SO much more. 

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Helping out makes the children feel like individual, capable, and important people. Children think that chores are FUN, and they want to do them! [Only if you don’t force the chores on them.]

Today we did a lot of yard work. We planted a hydrangea I received for my birthday last month. We pulled weeds. We harvested some zucchini and tried the dead branches off a raspberry plant and put new stakes to hold them up with. My 3-year-old enjoyed most of the activity, although I didn’t have him help with the raspberry because of the thorns. He was instead sent on a scavenger hunt for the stakes and plant clips. Then he was sent to find some gardening gloves.


My one year old was interested in the shovel and digging, but spent the rest of his time throwing rocks onto the driveway. He also tried to help rid the house of flies. Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite reach them.


Later Mr. 3 helped prepare his own quesadilla. I cooked it for him, but I let him do the tortilla and cheese layers on the cold skillet.

And then when I was changing his bed sheets at 12:30, he practically asked me to take a nap. Being a big helper is hard work!

What are your kids favorite “chores”?



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