A few Halloween Ideas

I couldn’t tell you why we celebrate Halloween; all I know is that it is a fun holiday full of candy and decorations. There are an infinite amount of crafts, projects, and games you can play with your littles… just don’t scare them too badly!

I came up with these 4 ideas by thinking, “Halloween…Halloween… what can we do for Halloween?” 

Window Decorations


The first thing we did was make Jack-O-Lanters and Ghosts to hang on the windows. All you need is construction paper, marker, face stickers, and tape to hang it up with. My advice is to decorate the paper on both sides, so that you can enjoy the decorations from inside and outside your house.


Halloween Dot-to-Dot

I made simple dot-to-dots for the kids to color in and trace using Halloween motivated shapes. For these I used some “Stamp” markers, but you can use any media to make the dots.

Jack-O-Lantern of a Hundred Faces

This one is a little more complicated, and I am not completely done making it. In fact, I’d love it if you commented below with some of your own inspiration and ideas! What can I cut out to let my kids decorate these Jack-O-Lanterns with? 

You need Felt (felt is a fabric that sticks together fairly well), Scissors, and a permanent marker.

Step 1 is cut out a large Pumpkin, Step 2 is cut out decorations for your pumpkins.



Honestly, I’m so darn proud of those tiny spiders I want to dance. Cutting felt is difficult, and I found it helped with the spider that I drew it first with the permanent marker so I could readjust the scissors as necessary. I probably should have done that with the pumpkins too.

Kitchen Floor Art – Halloween Style

I use packing paper left over from our move nearly two years ago, since they are such wonderfully large pieces of paper. You can also tape several regular papers together to make a large paper. Tape this to the kitchen floor. Then leave out the crayons and markers, or drop down and be first to draw some Halloween inspired pictures.


The kids came back to this activity several times throughout the day. Mr. 3 even announced “Let’s have a color party!”.




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