Library Book Sale

Last weekend our local library was having a book sale. I gave my husband 10 coins with the directive of entertaining the kids with the coin gravity well spinner thing they have in the hall, and I ran inside to browse through the sale as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, this was a small sale, otherwise it may have taken me more than the allotted 15 minutes. (By the end of which my husband was texting me frantic SOS messages.)

2017-11-04_15-15-13_7268 books for 8 dollars! 

How to Build a Car by Martin Sodomka – This is a story about a group of friends who work together to build a car and includes diagrams and part descriptions of things you need to put into your car, like the engine. We haven’t read very much of it, but it has nice pictures and descriptions and I think they will enjoy this book.The biggest draw back is that it is very long.  4/5

The World is Full of Babies by Mick Manning – My 3 year old and I have read this book at nap time every day for the last 4 days, and he seems to really like it. I am slightly annoyed at the part that says you learned to talk by 2 years old and your first words were probably mum or dad, as that is not accurate. Yet, I love the different animal babies they talk about, and all the random baby facts, and the beautiful pictures. 4/5

The Cat’s Quizzer by Dr. Seuss – This is a Dr. Seuss book filled with Seussian questions. A lot of them are trick questions. The questions are rather random, and the answers can be quite funny. Still, this is a hard one to read for the very little kids as they may not know many answers and may get mad at being tricked. (Do pineapples grow on pine trees or apple trees? Neither they grow on a pineapple bush.) 3/5

Have You got My Purr? by Judy West – Little Kitten has lost her purr and goes around the farm asking other animals if they have it. We have read some similar books to this in the past, and this one was cute but seemed a bit too wordy.  I prefer The Cow Who Clucked. 3/5

Walt Disney’s Adventures with Letters and Numbers by Walt Disney Company – This is broken into two separate stories. The first is Alphabet, and includes phrases for each letter that involve the letter being talked about. There are a variety of Disney characters that participate. The second story is about throwing a birthday party for Mickey Mouse. There are a lot of crazy things that happen and the mention of the numbers doesn’t feel very natural. Over all the book is okay, but hasn’t been particularly requested by either the 3 year old or 1 year old. 3/5

Do Not Open This Book by Michaela Muntean – There is a pig that is trying to write a story and he gets mad when you interrupt him. He tells you repeatedly not to turn the pages, and tries to come up with different ways to prevent you. I have mixed feelings about this book, because my 3 year old is adamant about following directions (unless they come from me, *grumble grumble*) and really resisted turning the pages. I didn’t want to tell him that some instructions are meant to be ignored, because how can you teach that kind of judgement to a 3 year old? He repeatedly told me “no!” and that we should wait for the pig to finish. In fact, we haven’t finished the book yet because he won’t let me. Also, I feel like the pig is not particularly nice. I can understand you might be mad if you get interrupted during your work, but it’s a children’s book! 3/5

Dive In by Recess Monkey – This is an interactive, say out loud, shake the book and turn it upside down kind of story. It’s the first one that ever asked me to speak like I am underwater, and I think it was lots of fun. I do wish there was a bit more to the story than a disagreement between scuba diver and fish, but overall it was enjoyable. 4/5

The Bartimaeus Trilogy Book 1  – This one was for me. It sounds like a funny fantasy story involving some demons and wizards and saving the world and stuff.

I feel like I got away with theft, because 8 for $8 is a steal. All the books are worth a dollar, and I don’t regret a single one. Library sales are a great way to boost your home library, so be on the lookout for sales in your area!




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