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Hooray for Holidays

Good Evening!

I don’t know about you, but I have literally gained 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I told my doctor she didn’t have to worry about my previous unsatisfactory weight gain; I knew the holidays would get me on track.

The problem with gaining the weight so quickly is it adds to my physical discomfort.

I didn’t think I was being extra unhealthy, but after a 7-day cruise and 2 Christmas dinners…man, oh man.


I ate dessert sometimes twice a day on the cruise. That’s probably where I went wrong. In my defense, though, we did walk the stairs 95% of the time! We honestly only took the elevator about 4 times.

The cruise was great, except I missed my two little ones SO much. They got to stay with Oma (grandma) in Dallas, and we got to stay on the ship and Eat, Read, Play Games and Sleep.

My husband and I learned how to play Skip-Bo on the ship. This was a pretty fun card game, and the games take a really long time so it’s a good way to make the time pass when you are waiting on the 9:30 comedian but you go to the lounge an hour early to make sure you get a good seat.

My mother was not very good at keeping me updated on the kids. I wanted to know everything: What are they eating, how are they sleeping, what are they playing with, where did they go, etc etc etc… Instead I get messages like “I did not know they could eat so much chocolate.” and “Nothing broken yet!” once or twice a day.

She finally figured out how to send me a picture, but seeing them only made me cry.

Pregnancy Update:

I’m definitely in the emotional phase of pregnancy, because a lot of things are making me cry later. Also my list of complaints is every growing: headache, groin pain, hip pain, back pain, gas pain, constipation, food not moving down quickly, acne,  trouble sleeping, and who knows what else!  The only good things are that my psoriasis is almost non-existent, and I finally started feeling the baby kick at about 21 weeks. I still have 17 more weeks to go, at least!

What about the bigger kids?

The big kids had a great time at their Oma’s, but it took Mr. 3 3 days to stop calling me “Oma” because he had gotten so used to talking to her. Also, Mr. 1 cries every time I walk out of sight.

They grew so much while we were away! They both got taller and smarter! Mr. 3 started somehow speaking much more clearly. My mom also taught him how to roll a dice and count the dots, so that he could move a game piece accordingly. There’s probably so much more he learned that I don’t even know about yet. Mr. 1 also is speaking more. He’s quite the mimic, especially when it comes to his older brother. He’s still obsessed with colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.

I was super impressed because on the airplane to Texas he was playing with his leapfrog toy cellphone (which we resisted as long as possible but people kept giving to us) and announcing what numbers he was pressing.

There’s so much more to say but this is already a long and rambling post, and I better get to bed.

By the way…

I hope you had the opportunity to spend your holidays with the people you love, or doing the things you love. I wish peace, love, and happiness to everyone!



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