Daily Lessons

Dinosaur Train

Today we discovered that they have some of the Dinosaur Train music on spotify. Mr. 3 has been singing these songs everyday since he has started watching the show, and he was super excited when I was able to play the music in the car.

Dinosaur Train is Mr. 3’s favorite television show and his latest obsession. Even Mr. 1 runs around the house yelling “Dinosaur Train!!!”, but he’s not quite as obsessed as Mr. 3.

Dinosaur Train is a cartoon created by PBS and teaches the little ones a little bit about dinosaurs and other creatures that lived during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Starting season 2, there is a little talk with a paleontologist after each 15 minute episode. Seasons 1, 2, and 7 are available on Prime, so that is all we have watched.

Mr. 3 likes to pretend the Pteranodon family follows us around all day. Mr. 3 himself is usually the “Mr. Conductor” character who drives the train. There’s also a Gigantosaurus who spends a lot of time in our living room… I mean Dinosaur train.

We’ve also been reading some books about dinosaurs and have the National Geographic Dinosaur sticker and activity book. We’ve learned quite a bit about several different dinosaurs lately.

  • Pteranodons are large flying creatures that had no teeth. They dive into the water to catch fish. They are much larger than a Pterodactyl who was actually quite small.
  • Triceratops, Stegasaurus, Brachiasaurus, Parasauralophus, and T-rex are all identified easily by Mr. 3 and even Mr. 1 can point to and almost say “stegasaurus” “pteranodon” and “t-rex”

What shows are your kids watching these days? 



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