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3 months to go!

Did you know… that today’s birds are actually theropod dinosaurs? (According to Dr. Scott the Paleontologist on Dinosaur Train.) 

With this impending baby, time seems to be moving simultaneously at warp speed and super slow. We have 3 months until we meet the little one, which seems forever away and yet each day flies by so fast I can hardly keep up.

My car battery has been giving me a bit of trouble. It doesn’t seem to hold its charge if I don’t use it.

These are some highlights from our adventures:

Saturday (20th) – We took the kids bowling. (Counting, Turn Taking, Large Motor Skills, Following rules, learning not to eat all of the ice cream you are given, dealing with disappointment of not eating all the ice cream you were given.)

Sunday (21st) – Aquarium + Toddler time (Sea Life, Puzzles, Books, Stamps, Exploration, crowds)

Monday and Tuesday we stayed home and just did our usual stickers/building/reading/living/cleaning.

Did you know…. that the sun is so large you can almost fit a million of our earths inside of it? (It’s closer to 970k).

Wednesday (24th) – This is when my car wouldn’t start, and the kids wanted to take the bus to go to their Music Together class. We didn’t have time for the indoor playground because the bus took 45 minutes, when driving would have taken less than 10. It also involved walking a mile and a half in cold and rain. The kids were troopers and really enjoyed the bus.

One lady said “Wow, they are so well-behaved” and I said “Thank you,” instead of “So were you!”

Thursday – my husband jumper cabled our car to his and had it up and running in 30 seconds. We had a play date at the Science Center with our besties in the westies. For someone who is so dinosaur obsessed, my 3-year-old did not enjoy the dinosaur exhibit. I think seeing how big they really were can be intimidating.

Friday – We went to the North Transfer Station (Seattle Dump in Wallingford) and discovered that they added some interactive play areas. The kids both loved driving all the toy trucks and cars around the model Transfer Station. Leaving was frustrating and tearful because they did not want to go.


My husband says “Why did you have to leave?” and I explained about nap time and getting hungry, but even my excuses seemed flimsy afterwards. It would have been easier to let them play until they realized they were hungry and tired. Oh well.

In other news: The baby in utero is now strong enough that Mr. 3 and my husband have both been able to feel it move. It seems to really respond to Mr. 3’s voice. When he starts singing, the baby starts kicking. He comes up to me now and starts singing at my belly and touching it hoping to feel it move, but it doesn’t always work.

Our seedlings are getting stronger, and even Mr. 1’s have sprouted.


I hope you guys had a good and productive week, just like we did!


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