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Baby/Homeschool/Gardening update

Some baby news:

A funhouse mirror is a great way to show how I am feeling after 28 weeks of pregnancy.


Short and fat, that sums it up pretty well! Thank you convex mirrors for accurately portraying my discomfort. Mr. 3 enjoyed dancing in front of these mirrors at the Pacific Science Center last weekend.

Did you know… that parents lose 450-700 hours of sleep the first year after a baby is born? 

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that 650 of those hours are lost by the mother. My husband only wakes up when I literally kick him out of bed and beg him to check on the older kid(s). At that point I am already awake so really there’s no point to him waking up at all. 

We haven’t talked about it, but with baby #2 we put the baby in the nursery the day we got home from he hospital. I am assuming he doesn’t want the baby in the room with us this time either. And I don’t want him waking up the baby when he gets ready to go to work at 5:30 in the morning, either. Baby #2 did well by himself in the nursery, and the rooms are only an arm’s length away (door to door) and sound carries really well.

It’s really hard not knowing what the gender is. Everybody on the street has different assumptions. The pedicure lady said it was a girl, the contractor who built our fence told me it’s a boy. I flip-flop from one to the other every few minutes. I annoy my husband a lot about why he didn’t want to know the gender and this time he didn’t give me the “Well, it worked well the first two times. Both boys were healthy” speech. He told me about that amazing feeling he had when they held baby #1 up to him and let him see the baby and gender for the first time.

Baby #2 revealing wasn’t quite as special because of the horrible Cesarean experience. The spinal block didn’t work and I could feel them cutting me open with the scalpel. They decided to put me under anesthesia and asked my husband to leave the room. He had to wait for over an hour before somebody came into the room and told him “Sorry, we told your wife it was a boy.”

I promised I would try not to ask this time, but there are no guarantees if I wake up scared and confused. Hopefully we won’t need to do the whole anesthesia thing again anyways.

We have 12 more weeks of not knowing and anticipating ahead of us.

Mr. 3 was asking me when he can play with the baby. He has also started pretending the teddy bear is a baby again. He will bring me the bear and tell me “here is your baby!”. This morning he pretended to feed it and take a 30 second nap with it. He also asked me how to hold it correctly. We talked about how much a baby sleeps when it is born and how weak it is. (You need to use two hands, one to support the body and one for the head!)

I think it’s pretty great that he thinks about the baby a lot. Yesterday we went to the garbage truck place again and afterwards he took the lunch bag from Mr. 1 “to help him get in the car” and then he also said “and I’m going to help the baby get in the car, too!”

I think he is a little excited now that he is older and can understand what is happening. Mr. 1 has no idea how much everything is going to change.

Some homeschool news:

Mr. 3 has been trying to count backwards from 10. Mr. 1 has been trying to count backwards from 3.

Mr. 1 can now do a few of our 12 piece wooden puzzles by himself.

Mr. 1 (2 in March) ran to the bathroom after I asked him if he needed a diaper change or did he need to go pee-pee? He sat on it willingly but nothing came out. That was his first time sitting on the toilet or potty, and it only happened once but I’m excited that he’s connected the ideas of body waste and toilets.

Some gardening news:


All the seeds have sprouted except for one or two. And my mystery seeds and cilantro are starting to fall over. Would adding more soil help them? Maybe I need bigger cups so they can make deeper roots. The cilantro has its first real leaf growing between the two baby leaves. You can tell the difference because this tiny third leaf is jagged where as the other two look just like the mystery seed baby leaves. I guess there is a small chance that the mystery seed was cilantro….

I received an email (farmers almanac) that it was okay to start tomato and bell pepper seedlings, but I can’t find my bell pepper seeds, and I couldn’t find any seeds in the shopping center last weekend. (One of the stores is a hardware store that sometimes has seeds.)

I thought I had planted bell pepper last year, but it turned out to be a tomato and it did not grow well.



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