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To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool

I recently discovered that two of my homeschooling neighbors have actually changed their minds are planning or already have enrolled at least one of their kids in public school. The kids seem excited and happy, and really that is all that matters. If my children WANT to go to public school I will not hold them back.

Both of these families have had drastic changes to their family lifestyle that would 100% make you evaluate your families educational need. One was an adoption of a third child, and the other was the death of a significant caregiver and provider. Under the later circumstances I would 100% put my kids in school because I don’t know how else I could provide for them. I don’t think my mother would want to home school my 3 children for me. (And I hope I never find myself in that position.)

As of right now, I do still plan on homeschooling with 3 children. But as always, this should be a family decision that includes the needs and wants of the children. Last I discussed it with my 3-year-old, he was very happy to stay home with me and that was his preferred choice. My husband and I both agree that homeschooling is the best thing for our children and our family. (Especially after that awful and sad thing that happened in Florida the last few days. School shootings are horrific.)


Speech Development

The babysitter has made some progress with being able to understand Mr. 3. She tells us that he has the same trouble with speech that she did when she was little and needed speech therapy for, although she didn’t get speech therapy until she was about 7-8 years old. He has trouble with some of his consonants. L’s sound like B’s, for example.

I looked it up once and I think it’s common for children to have trouble expressing themselves clearly until quite a bit past 4 years old. I feel heartened that he makes progress every day, and that he is patient and tries hard to describe things multiple ways so that people can understand him.

He was telling me how the wings on his airplane can extend to make the airplane fly higher the other day and when I didn’t understand his version of “extend” he spread his arms and said “get bigger”.

This last week alone he’s started saying his “S” sounds much more clearly. He used to have trouble when the S was at the beginning of the word and now he can say it pretty well.

His younger brother who turns two in March also tries to speak very clearly. He doesn’t speak in thoughts or sentences yet, and I think that is because he is concentrating very hard on saying the individual words correctly. He is very good at mimicking the different parts to longer words, and earlier he said “apple sauce” absolutely perfectly.

When he doesn’t know a word he just says “ah”. When he gets up from the table at dinner, he runs up to my chair and says “Ah ah eh ah ah?” for his version of “May I be excused?”. Or at least I imagine that is what he is saying.

Language development is a fascinating thing to witness, and I am glad to be home with them and see the changes as they come.



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