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Conversations with the Kids #3

Early after bed time a few nights ago, I was standing at the kitchen counter eating Girl Scout cookies when my almost 4-year-old comes out to say good night one more time.

Him: What are you doing, mommy?

Me: oh, um… eating cookies. (I break off a piece and offer him some out of guilt.) Would you like some?

Him: No… don’t you know NO sugar before bed?!

Me: You are absolutely right, but I wasn’t planning on going to bed just yet.

Him: Okay, don’t forget to turn out the light when you do.

Me: Okay, I won’t.


Gender identification with Mr. Almost 4:

Him: Mommy, why is Connor talking to that man? (Looking out our window at the neighbors.)

Me: Oh, that is his girlfriend. It’s not a man, she just has short hair.

Him: Oh. What are they talking about?

(A few days later)

Him: Mommy! Connor is talking to his girlfriend again!

Me: hmm? Oh… that’s not the girlfriend, that’s a man.


Mr. 2 is always adamant about wanting to sleep in his big brother’s bed. I’ve let him do it 3 times now, and it usually takes about an hour for him to fall asleep. I usually just remind/threaten him that if he gets out of the bed he has to go into the crib so instead he stays on the bed looking at books and doing puzzles. I fall asleep waiting on him and get woken up by, “Hey Mama…help me count puzzle!” He’s been obsessed with counting and can go all the way to 8 without any hints or reminders. He likes counting so much that if you ask him, “what colors are the trucks?” he may just answer, “one, two, three!”.



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