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Hello there! We have been busy lately.  One of the things that has kept us occupied has been learning about Volcanoes.

That new little island near Hawaii is an example of a creative eruption, an eruption that creates new land masses and helps enrich the soil among other things.

We watched a few little videos about the Hawaii volcano, and the new island it created. We also watched short videos about the biggest volcanic reactions. We looked at map and  found Hawaii as well as the areas where there’s a lot of volcanic activity or the biggest eruptions have occurred.

Volcanoes Rising


We found Volcanoes Rising at the library and the boys really enjoyed reading it over and over again. I would skip over some of the details when it was just Mr. 2, but Mr. 4 enjoyed the more detailed descriptions.




We performed the old baking soda + vinegar experiment to erupt our own decorated volcano.

Take a cup or bottle and decorate it with foam stickers or masking tape (anything that isn’t going to get soggy easily). Add approximately 2 tablespoons of baking soda  and then pour over approximately 2 cups of vinegar. We found it worked best if your poured the vinegar in quickly. 

And finally, we made a stop at the Burke Museum because they have a volcano exhibit. Only, Mr. 4 was more interested in doing floor puzzles the whole time we were there and Mr. 2 just liked running through it because it’s a tunnel.

By the way, does this outfit make my baby look big?


He was 3 months old, yesterday, and is just under 17 pounds. He’s been scooting around on his back a few inches and turning himself 180 degrees.


2 thoughts on “Volcanoes”

  1. That volcano eruption experiment is always a hit with my preschoolers! I can’t wait for my nephew to get bigger so we can also try that one with him. 😊 It’s nice to know that your boys are enjoying being young explorers.

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