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Beaches and Trains

We’ve been taking advantage of this beautiful Seattle summer and going to the beach! The water is too cold to swim in, but there’s lots of exploring and digging to do.

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Hello there! We have been busy lately.  One of the things that has kept us occupied has been learning about Volcanoes.

That new little island near Hawaii is an example of a creative eruption, an eruption that creates new land masses and helps enrich the soil among other things.

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Mr 2: is it necessary, mommy?

Me: is what necessary?

2: I don’t think he’s here…

Me: whose not here?

2: necessary!

Me: oh… do you think necessary is a person?

2: yes!

This is my fault because every time the dog barks at the window I say, “is that really necessary? Please don’t bark!”

2018-07-12_10-08-02_909Me: It’s my birthday today. I’m 29 years old.

Mr. 2: No mommy… you are 2 months old!

Me: No, that’s y0ur baby brother. He is 2 months old, and you are 2 years old.

Mr. 2: No mommy… I’m 3 months old!

Me 2: ….okay

I’m learning that I can’t win any arguments with my children. Also they tend to lose interest in the subject if I keep correcting them. They will figure it out! 



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Northwest Railway Museum

The Northwest Railway Museum is located in Snoqualmie, Washington, just a short distance from Snoqualmie Falls, a beautiful hike involving a large waterfall. We went for the first time to the train museum a few weeks ago, and it was an interesting experience. It is a small, non-profit, volunteer based museum. When we visited on a Friday morning, there were only 3 or 4 other people looking around. You cannot go onto any of the trains, but you can run around the train yard as much as you want. Also, on the weekends they offer train rides that take about 2 hours to complete.

Even though we didn’t get to go on a train or train ride, the boys (2 & 4) still had a lot of fun running around.

See Inside Trains

See Inside Trains by Usborne – I bought this at the train museum’s book store and I am very glad that I did. It has a ton of information about different types of trains and how they were developed and how they work. Also, the flaps. My how the boys love the flaps. It keeps them interested in the book for ridiculously long periods of time (as long as I keep reading, that is).

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New Skills


There are so many things I want to write about, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. Today, I want to make my excuses for not updating.


I/We have been busy learning 5 new skills:

  1. Being a mom to 3 boys
  2. Learning Spanish (the kids like to press the buttons on the Rosetta Stone app).
  3. Experimenting with Essential Oils – so far I’m trying a diffuser and a homemade all-purpose cleaner. We are even doing a science experiment to test the effectiveness of the essential oil cleaner versus 409. I hope to post something about that at the conclusion of the experiment. So far I have learned that my kitchen and bathroom counter are disgusting. What do you use essential oils for? 
  4. Incorporating exercise into my week. I can’t say I want a daily routine, because that’s just not realistic, but breastfeeding alone isn’t helping me get into my old jeans. Especially when I’m craving sweets.
  5. Trying to cook with an Instapot. So far I have only made steamed broccoli and it was okay. The whole mechanism seems intimidating to me, but I’m sure I’ll get more comfortable with it when I use it more. Feel free to share your favorite recipes in the comments! 


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What we are reading:

Is there a new baby in your home or about to join you? Read this with your kids!


Frequently requested by my 4-year-old. We recently had our third child and this is my favorite “big brother” book I’ve read yet. It is cute, funny, and accurately depicts what life will be like with a new baby. Enjoyed by the kids and by me.

Do your kids love garbage trucks?

Trashy Town

This book is repetitive and thus is a book your kids can easily “Read to themselves” once you’ve gone through it a few times. Also has repeated “Sight” words that the kids can easily recognize. As a mom, I don’t mind reading it once or twice a day, but definitely not over and over. 

Looking for something educational and cute?


This book has beautiful pictures of all of our favorite animals, a moderate (not overwhelming) amount of useful information, and amusing commentary from Pooh and his friends. The donkey (Eeyore?) is especially amusing. I wish my children were as curious about it as I am. 

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Supermom Goals / Sleeping arrangements

Here is my supermom plan for the week:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Activity Grocery & Library Music Class Dollar Store & Playground Playdate Boy’s choice
School/Art Mazes or Tracing Sticker Book Chalk Water mat Sensory bin with ice
House Vacuum Laundry Sweep Laundry Bathroom
Dinner Spaghetti Grilled Porkchops Chicken with roasted garlic sauce (slow cooker 2-3 hr) Tortellini Soup Wieners

I’m not one to make detailed plans because they will inevitably lead to frustration when my children don’t want to follow the schedule. Still, it may be a good idea to have some goals and ideas of things I want to accomplish this week.

If none of the stuff I have planned happens, that is okay too as long as all my (3) children are still alive and well at the end of the week.


This boy is less than 3 weeks old but it already feels like he’s always been a part of this family. At his two week appointment last Tuesday he was 10lbs 1 oz (89%) and 21.75 in (95%).


All of the boys have not been sleeping well. Mr. 0 doesn’t sleep well because he is a baby. He still needs to learn the difference between night and day. He also gets the hiccups quite frequently and thinks the morning starts at 6:30.

Mr. 2 and Mr. 4 were staying up way too late because they kept playing and talking to each other instead of sleeping. Then they would wake up super early and be a bit cranky throughout the day. Some of this may be caused by their adjusting to the baby, and Mr. 2 taking advantage of not being in a crib.

Our solution was to let Mr. 4 sleep with the dog (he does not want to be alone) and Mr. 2 would sleep in the nursery in a crib again. The baby would be in our room. Surprisingly, neither of the big boys complained about the change and I am happy to say that they are falling asleep close to bed time (8 – 8:30) and sleeping until at least 7.

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Life Lessons at the Zoo


We dropped my mom off at the airport today, so I am now alone with 3 little people while my husband is at work.

So my first order of business was to seek reinforcements by visiting with a friend at the zoo. We hadn’t seen our friend since before the baby was born, and the boys were very excited to both be at the zoo and see their friend.

These orangutans (boys) were LOUD. They yelled off and on nearly the whole time. Finally one of the zoo keepers explained to them that their yelling can disturb the animals (and people) around them. I’d been telling them that for the last hour, but it’s so much more effective (scary) when it comes from a stranger.

This is good, though. I want my boys to be able to tell people if they are made uncomfortable by something; and other people have the right to tell them if we are making them uncomfortable. I WANT the boys to be aware that the people and creatures around us are affected by our actions.

Their fun was not spoiled by this interaction as they were ready to sit down and eat a snack anyways. And, they were blessedly quiet for a little while.