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Clown Fish

Has it been 2 months since I let my children watch their first movie? We watched Finding Nemo over a period of two days, and he now has a few moments of obsession.

He named his dump truck “Nemo” and the front loader is “Nemo’s Dad”.

Today he took it a step further because he saw that the picture on our Big Ocean book is a Clown Fish. He asked me to read him the section on clownfish a few times, and we also looked in our Animal Encyclopedia for additional information.

For a child that is hard to understand, he is REALLY good at pronouncing Anemone.

– Clown Fish live in anemones. They secret an oil that protects them from the anemone stings. They lure food into the anemone and the anemone protects them from larger predators… like that nasty shark in the movie. This is called a symbiotic relationship.

– Clown Fish can lay 400 to 1,500 eggs at one time.

Mr. 3 asked if we could get a fish tank and fill it with clown fish. We talked about how much work and responsibility would be required with that. However, I was inspired by my child’s interest to make our own clown fish!

You will need pipe cleaners, construction paper, scissors, pencil. The glue and stick are optional, depending on how your child wants to play with the fish.

1. Draw and cut out your fish. Glue to a stick if you want to.

2. Fold a bunch of pipe cleaners in half  and loop one of them around the bunch to hold it together. Bend and spread the pipe cleaners as desired.

3. Have a heart attack when your 3-year-old insists on using the kitchen shears to practice cutting.


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Make Your Own Flags

In honor of Independence Day (USA) on Tuesday, July 4, I am sharing an easy craft with you today.

You will need:

  • Tape
  • Index Cards
  • Straws or Sticks
  • Color : I used oil pastels because they are very bright. Crayons, Markers, Watercolor would all work well.


Here’s how it works:

Color the index cards, and tape them to the sticks!

I told you it was simple!

Both my kids enjoyed this craft, and when the little one got bored I brought out some stickers to extend the fun.


My three year old made “American” flags for himself and Daddy. And we very briefly discussed why we celebrate Independence Day. I also made a German flag and we talked about where Oma and mommy come from.

You can make this as educational or as free form as you like. I hope you enjoy!


By the way, I stuck our old play dough in a little dixie cup to hold the finished flags.