Library Book Sale

Last weekend our local library was having a book sale. I gave my husband 10 coins with the directive of entertaining the kids with the coin gravity well spinner thing they have in the hall, and I ran inside to browse through the sale as quickly as possible.

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Amazing Trees

I love love love The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library. These books are filled with important information AND they rhyme. I’ve only read 4 out of the 17 listed on the back of the I can Name 50 Trees Today book, but I am sure there are more since that was in 2005.

There’s No Place like Space – awesome ride through the solar system. (Amazon)

On Beyond Bugs – Gifted this to our nephew on his 7th birthday, and he apparently really enjoyed it. I also learned that all insects have 6 legs and how to tell the difference between butterflies and moths. Hint: It is not that all moths are brown, because sometimes they are not. (Amazon)

Inside Your Outside – Talks about our bodies and covers almost as much information as the Usborn book I mentioned briefly before. Really very informative. (Amazon)

I Can Name 50 Trees Today – this is the one we just got from the library and the reason I am writing about this today. There are so many cool facts about trees. There are so many cool trees. I am just flabbergasted by some of these facts and I want the whole world to know about them so they can appreciate the power and beauty of nature.

Did You Know?

  1. The tallest tree in the world is a Eucalyptus tree in Australia. It is 492 feet tall!  Actually, I just googled this and apparently the tree in Australia is only 327.5 feet tall. There is a Redwood in California that is 380 feet tall. This is still very impressive. (Source)
  2. The fattest tree (largest circumference around the trunk) is 117 feet around, located in Mexico. I guess the tree has grown a bit since the book was written because according to wikipedia, the largest girth tree in Mexico is 137 feet. But scientists have noted that the size of a trees circumference can change over time due to various factors.
  3. The Deepest tree is a wild fig whose roots go nearly 400 feet underground. According to The Cat in the Hat that is almost as deep as an oil rig would drill.
  4. The oldest tree might be 4,700 years old – a bristlecone pine. According to wikipedia, this tree is closer to 5,066 years old. WOW.

Well, I certainly have learned a lot about trees, and while The Cat in the Hat is not always right, it is close and has sparked an interest in me to do further research and learn a little bit more about my closest neighbors.