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Conversations with the Kids #3

Early after bed time a few nights ago, I was standing at the kitchen counter eating Girl Scout cookies when my almost 4-year-old comes out to say good night one more time.

Him: What are you doing, mommy?

Me: oh, um… eating cookies. (I break off a piece and offer him some out of guilt.) Would you like some?

Him: No… don’t you know NO sugar before bed?!

Me: You are absolutely right, but I wasn’t planning on going to bed just yet.

Him: Okay, don’t forget to turn out the light when you do.

Me: Okay, I won’t.


Gender identification with Mr. Almost 4:

Him: Mommy, why is Connor talking to that man? (Looking out our window at the neighbors.)

Me: Oh, that is his girlfriend. It’s not a man, she just has short hair.

Him: Oh. What are they talking about?

(A few days later)

Him: Mommy! Connor is talking to his girlfriend again!

Me: hmm? Oh… that’s not the girlfriend, that’s a man.


Mr. 2 is always adamant about wanting to sleep in his big brother’s bed. I’ve let him do it 3 times now, and it usually takes about an hour for him to fall asleep. I usually just remind/threaten him that if he gets out of the bed he has to go into the crib so instead he stays on the bed looking at books and doing puzzles. I fall asleep waiting on him and get woken up by, “Hey Mama…help me count puzzle!” He’s been obsessed with counting and can go all the way to 8 without any hints or reminders. He likes counting so much that if you ask him, “what colors are the trucks?” he may just answer, “one, two, three!”.


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St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day. I hope you saw my reminder on Instagram to wash your boots yesterday, because St. Nick was supposed to have visited you yesterday.

This is a holiday that stems from my younger years in Germany. My mother has encouraged me to continue the tradition with my own kids. Mr. 3 was very excited yesterday and ended up cleaning his boots, his brother’s boots, the front of my dishwasher, the front of the oven, the trash can and compost bin, and some paint splatter on the cabinets. “What else can I clean, mommy?!”

This morning, the boys were very happy with what they found. A bucket of farm animals, DinoBlock, Trains, and Machines at Work. The two Byron Barton books came at just the right time because their favorite Trucks book broke in half last night while Mr. 1 was reading it in his crib. It’s only been a few hours but I have already read Trains and Machines at Work nearly 12 times total today. They also both really enjoyed the variety of farm animals and accessories.


We also did some large scale painting in the kitchen this morning. (Tempera pain is VERY washable and comes off really easily if the toddler swipes a cabinet or floor by mistake. At one point he started painting his diaper.) Mr. 3 was more interested in playing ambulance and trying to tie a ribbon bandage around anything I would offer him. While Mr. 1 and I were sitting in the bath tub scrubbing off the paint, the ambulance driver brought us towels and pretend lemonade. He also cleaned some of the “blood” (paint) from the kitchen floor. He repeatedly told me “Call 911 if you need me!” and “What else can I help with, mommy?”



My husband is a much smarter person than I am. He is someone who really knows how to use his brain.

We only have short matches and I wanted to light a candle that was getting too low in the jar in order to cover the smell of the stinky diaper pail. My solution was to stick the match in a blob of play dough to make it longer. Feeling super proud of myself (even though I still almost burned myself) I gloated to my husband, “aren’t you going to ask me how I managed to light the candle?”.

He says, “Did you turn it sideways?”



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Conversation with the Kids #2

2017-10-30_11-56-38_119Mr. 1 brings me a blue block and says, “BOO!” (Blue)

I jump up and down in excitement and clap my hands because I had NO idea he could identify colors so well.

He goes back and forth with the blue block and tells me its blue several times.

Then he grabs a red block and brings it to me. He says, “ELMO!!”

Slighly less excited, I reply, “Yes, it’s RED like Elmo.”

Mr. 1 responds: “ELMO ELMO”

Me: I need a cup of tea, I am so tired! And, I have to blow my nose.

Mr. 3: You can’t drink tea if you have nipples(?).

Me: I’m pretty sure you can drink tea if you have nipples. Everyone has nipples.

Mr. 3: Not nipples, nipples! *points to nose*

Me: OHHH, Sniffles!!! I think a nice hot drink like tea is especially good when you are sick, it helps relax the sore throat and clear the sinuses. So yes, you CAN drink tea when you have sniffles. Thank you for pointing to your nose to help me understand what you meant!

Mr. 3: I want to watch something!!2017-11-04_17-34-55_965

Daddy: Do you want to watch on the TV or the Kindle?

Mr. 3: I want to watch on the Kindle.

Daddy: Okay. Go get it.

Mr. 3: I can’t find it.

Daddy: Where did you look?

Mr. 3: I didn’t look.