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Conversation with the Kids #2

2017-10-30_11-56-38_119Mr. 1 brings me a blue block and says, “BOO!” (Blue)

I jump up and down in excitement and clap my hands because I had NO idea he could identify colors so well.

He goes back and forth with the blue block and tells me its blue several times.

Then he grabs a red block and brings it to me. He says, “ELMO!!”

Slighly less excited, I reply, “Yes, it’s RED like Elmo.”

Mr. 1 responds: “ELMO ELMO”

Me: I need a cup of tea, I am so tired! And, I have to blow my nose.

Mr. 3: You can’t drink tea if you have nipples(?).

Me: I’m pretty sure you can drink tea if you have nipples. Everyone has nipples.

Mr. 3: Not nipples, nipples! *points to nose*

Me: OHHH, Sniffles!!! I think a nice hot drink like tea is especially good when you are sick, it helps relax the sore throat and clear the sinuses. So yes, you CAN drink tea when you have sniffles. Thank you for pointing to your nose to help me understand what you meant!

Mr. 3: I want to watch something!!2017-11-04_17-34-55_965

Daddy: Do you want to watch on the TV or the Kindle?

Mr. 3: I want to watch on the Kindle.

Daddy: Okay. Go get it.

Mr. 3: I can’t find it.

Daddy: Where did you look?

Mr. 3: I didn’t look.


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Home Vision Test

Mr. 3 told me he couldn’t “see very well” . This was probably because he was upside down, but it gave me the idea to test his vision. 

I wrote letters on a piece of paper indifferent colors and sizes. If you have an older child they can help you do this part or make their own chart. If your child is not comfortable with letters, you could try shapes of different colors and sizes.

Next, we hung it on the wall. Then we placed a chair a few feet away. I gauged the distance by when my own poor vision made reading the chart challenging.

Finally, I asked him to cover one eye and pointed to some letters for him to read. Switch eyes and repeat. 

He did great. Dr. Mom feels confident in his ability to see. 

If you try this at home, let me know how it goes! 

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3 Days

I was encouraging Mr. 3 to go poop in the potty by reading to him from See Inside Your Body, an Usborne Flap Book by Katie Daynes and Colin King.  See Inside Your Body

We have had a difficult time potty training. He was doing great when he was 2 years old, but after we had the baby he started pooping in his underwear and we had to switch back to diapers. Clean-up in underwear is nauseating and best avoided. We’ve been struggling for the last year to get back on track. The low point was a few months ago when he would poop and pee in the diaper because “I like to go in the diaper”.

Sometimes his poops are a surprise, but other times he’s pretty stinky before it comes out because he does try to hold it until the very last moment. At those times we try to encourage him to go the potty and this time I suggested we learn about how our bodies make poop while he’s in the bathroom.

He had been asking a few questions about his body, so I bought the Usborne book for him. I betrayed my friend who sells books for them and just bought it on Amazon…free shipping!! The book is very engaging with bright clear pictures and “over 50 flaps to lift”.

Well he liked is so much that he forgot to poop, and I learned that it takes up to 3 days for food to travel through your body. 

We also read Maisy’s Moon Landing by Lucy Cousins. This is a simple “First Science” Maisy's Moon Landingbook with tabs to pull to launch the rocket ship and other exciting things. I do like the tabs and movements on the page, but the science is a bit lacking. The facts are as bare as “It takes Maisy 3 days to travel to the moon” and after she lands she “feels light and floaty”.

I was curious about the time it takes to get to the moon, though. 3 days sounds so amazing. It turns out that is not too far from the truth.

Apollo 11 launched from Florida on July 16, 1969. Neil Armstrong and sidekick Buzz Aldrin touched down on the moon on July 20, 1969. They returned to Earth and landed in the Pacific Ocean on July 24. That’s 4 days both ways on the first lunar trip.

While 3 days is a relatively short period of time, you can accomplish a lot in that span of time. (Even if you’re just sitting on the couch, your body is working hard the whole time!)