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The rest of the day

I know that last post was a little hard to read, but writing it out definitely helped me get some perspective and help cement my realization that I just need to be more patient. 

Also, the bad times help us appreciate the good times more, don’t they?

After they woke up from their nap, we ended up having a wonderful afternoon. We did a lot of playing outside. They picked wildflowers (weeds) and rocks in a field near the house, and dug a large hole in our backyard. 

It was really awesome watching them work together on the hole, and getting along for at least 20 minutes. Every once in a while Mr. 3 would say, “Excuse me M—-, I am trying to dig here!” 

I told him he has to speak clearly and slowly to his brother and so now he emphasizes each word, and it’s so funny to hear him talk like that.

Little brother kept trying to climb into the hole.

We also discovered that while raw green beans have a tough shell that is kind of gross to chew, the little pods inside the shell are juicy and delicious. We spent quite some time shelling and eating the green beans in the garden. We compared flavors of the different sized pods.

When we got back inside they took a bath together and then immediately wanted to play in the sand box. 

The 15 month old has made some great vocabulary strides in the last few days. He can say “WOW” when we read Wow, Says the Owl. He can also say “baby” out loud, but I think he was really trying to say Brother, which he also just started signing. 

It’s adorable when he signs brother and walks through out the house (or toy store) looking for his big brother. 

He handed me a bib and said “b b b bib!” 

He is trying to jump and just kind of bounces up and down on his toes.

Big brother on the other hand is working on standing on one foot now. And he does great impersonations of his favorite Blippi shows. And he didn’t ask for the Kindle once yesterday, I think he has accepted my computers are for responsible people speech? 

And guess what? When he pooped in his diaper in the evening, I calmly asked him if he wanted to go potty, and when he indicated “no”, I told him to let me know when he was done and we could get him cleaned up. 

See, I CAN do this wonderful job of taking care of and helping my children explore the world. 


My Inspirations

There are a few people that really inspire me to homeschool and fill me with the confidence that I can do this. (Other than my husband, of course.)

Sara at Happiness Is Here blogs about what it’s like to Unschool her four daughters in Australia. I find her content just so inspiring because it really works for her family and she can explain it all in ways that make anybody feel like they can do it, too. She also promotes respectful parenting which sounds amazing but is REALLY hard to do. I fail at this ALL the time.

Rachelle at TinkerLab and her Art Habit art class has shown me that is possible to make art with children without lasting damage to my house or my nerves. My children really enjoyed the projects she explains in her class and her play dough has lasted us for months. Best of all, it is all online so we can do it whenever it is convenient to us. I strongly feel more capable of providing art time for my children and more urge to do so because their learning and happiness is evident with these activities.

I would love to find more people like these, so suggestions are always welcome.

Daily Lessons

Homeschooled by Kids

Hello! I am a mother of 2 little boys who just turned 1 and 3. I am planning on homeschooling them. By planning, I mean I tell everyone that asks about it that we are homeschooling. I have done only a little research and have no curriculum. The whole process sounds really scary!

Granted, the boys are a wee bit young for official schooling but I will tell you why I am writing now.

I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the idea of unschooling, and in a nutshell it is as simple as “the kids will learn by playing and following their interests.” I love this idea!

This is evident in the way they learn to walk, talk, make new friends, and more! Without official school my three year old is already comfortable with ABCs, numbers 1-10, shapes and colors. He surprises me almost everyday with something new.

For example, today we were practicing learning Daddy’s phone number by singing it to a song, and he was having fun with it and seemed to remember it… at least for a short while. We will definitely have to follow up and practice more.

More importantly, while the kids are learning dump trucks full of information, I am too! Just the other day I learned that wind is caused by cold air swooping in to fill the space where hot air rose from. And I want to know more, just like my kids!

I have a masters degree in Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas, but I don’t know where to begin teaching my kids, and I don’t remember most of the stuff I learned in school. I’m looking forward to this journey because they will guide me on it and teach me so many things along the way.

I will use this space as a record of our homeschooling, to help keep me motivated and confident by encouraging me to think about the things we talk and learn about in our day to day journeys.