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Cancelled Plans – It’s Okay

Well, we were GOING to go to Tug Boat Story Time aboard the historic Arthur Foss, but apparently the 200 year old tug boat needed repairs. Still, we have visited the story time a few times in the past and it has most often been very engaging and lots of fun. If you have littles in the Seattle area, I would encourage you to check it out.

Well we had already parked the car before we found out about the cancellation, but we didn’t cry and pout. We walked around and looked at the other boats at the Museum for Wooden Boats. We discovered that the whole South Lake Union park was a large construction site, and the monkeys just ran around and climbed on things.

Honestly, sometimes I forget how little these kids need in order to be entertained. The world is a beautiful playground!

Did You Know that we didn’t make paper from wood fibre until 1885? And the first Western Mill to do so was in Washington on the North Bank of the Columbia River, mashing the wood to pulp with big stone wheels like the one pictured above.

This stone was in front of the Museum of History and Innovation. In case you were wondering what paper mills had to do with boats, its really just that these museums are right next to each other.

Well, we had a good time, and after some coaxing and cajoling, I finally got the 3 year old to take a nap. The one year old was asleep before we even made it back onto the highway.

This morning, Mr. 3 asked me where glass comes from. I found an interesting and short video on YouTube that explained the process of turning Sand into glass using heat. They use Soda Ash and Limestone to lower the temperature at which the sand melts, but it still takes a hot hot hot 3090 degrees Fahrenheit. They pour the molten glass over melted tin to get it to cool flat into giant panes of glass that are later cut down to size. The glass and tin have a water and oil relationship and the glass hardens much sooner than tin because tin has a much lower melting point.

Really fascinating.

Mr. 3 also asked me if horses have boogers, but I have not researched that. My guess is that, yes, they do have boogers.

What have your kids asked you lately that’s made you think?


Downtown Park

Today we visited a new park! Once every two months we visit a friend of my husband who lives in Bellevue, Washington. We normally meet at the Brazilian churascura restaurant called Novilhos. Today, however, we met at Fogo De Chao which is in downtown Bellevue. 

All the different steaks were delicious and because it was brunch, the boys got to enjoy lots of berries and fruit. 

Afterwards, my clever husband suggested we take the boys to the park across the street. He and Mr. 3 quickly ran off to the playground. Mr. 1 had different ideas.

He wandered the grass and saw some low swooping birds. Then he noticed a dog walk by. This led him to another lady with two little dogs and an area with a low stone wall that he could climb up and down.

Next, he wandered over to where a group of men were building a concert stage until we were asked to leave. 

To distract him from the disappointment, I took him down to the waterfall area where we stayed for the remainder of the trip.

He enjoyed wandering up and down the hill, looking at the waterfall, seeing the ducks, chasing the dragonflies, walking over the metal hatches in the ground, climbing the low bench walls, and wandering as far away as possible before mommy gets worried.

 Can you find my child? He’s waving at you! Did you know dragonflies have stripes? 

We practiced walking on our tiptoes to sneak up on this guy. Tiptoes is a skill Mr. 1 recently discovered. He can’t get enough of climbing! 

Here he was admiring the waterfall and making the sign for “water”.

Finally, when Mr. 3 was tired of the playground (which looked really cool from where I was standing) he came and joined us. Then he and Mr. 1 jumped in on a game of “pass the ball” that this super nice family was playing. 

Mr. 3 just chased the ball until they kicked it to him, and he tried really hard to kick it back. It was really adorable to watch, and I didn’t interfere at all. 

He told me later that he wanted a big red swinging bench like they had at the playground, and a colorful ball like the family had. Then both kids promptly fell asleep in the car. 

I think this is a park definitely worth coming back to. 

What is special about your favorite park?

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Sunny Day… chasing the frowns away

Seattle feels very behind on the sunny spring time table. It is our 3rd year here but this winter has been the longest/coldest/wettest one yet.

Yesterday afternoon was the first time that the sun was shining, the wind was taking a break, and the temperature was agreeable. 

We walked the dog to the nearby elementary school and tied her too the fence while the kiddos ran around. 

I’m SO glad we went, because both of the boys had a wonderful time. Mr. 3 was fascinated with the older children who showed up later and made me worry I might get in trouble for bringing the dog. He watched them climb and run around, and he followed them around the playground a bit. They were nice and said hello to him.

The 1 year old is not walking yet, but he can take a few steps while holding my hands. We went over and around the playground 3 times like that, went down the big slide together and followed his brother around. He was laughing the whole time. I think he really gained some confidence in the walkin and standing department!

It started to get a little crowded, and I wasn’t sure about being allowed to have the dog so we went home when she started barking at skateboarders.

The boys wanted to stay outside a little longer so we played in the backyard.

Jumping and rolling on the trampoline, Shocking each other and me with the static electricity.

Then 3 wanted to play the “crazy running around game” which I think he must have invented on the spot.

“How do you play?”

“You run around like THIS and then you fall down and then get back up and run around” ( he explains while running and falling down).

I loved loved loved seeing how the good weather made these boys so adventurous and cheerful and I really hope we get more weather like it soon.